About us


Cheetah Imports is an international freight company, specialising in sourcing, packing and freighting from the USA to Australia. As an Australian living in the car cheeUSA, Kevin Bailey can give your freight the attention it deserves, personally packing your items and making arrangements all the way through to your business or garage.
240v10modelCheetah Imports also manufacture Hydraulic Cut Off Saws. Built to last, our Cut Off Saws are currently used in mobile hydraulic vans and hydraulic workshops all over Australia and the world. With 6 different models to choose from, voltages and blade sizes, you are sure to find a cut off saw to suit your needs.

quarantine station

As part of our personalised, end-to-end service, Cheetah Imports operate a  Quarantine depo in Lilydale, Victoria.

sale brokerage

Cheetah Imports also offer a limited sale brokerage service. Vehicle and some machinery inspections can be arranged in the greater Indiana area and in various other parts of the USA.