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Fees and charges

How much does it cost to ship a vehicle?
Well that depends on a lot of things. Some of these are addressed below. As a ballpark indication, if all the factors were just right, our best price for shipping a car from Australia to the USA starts at around U$3,800. From the USA to Australia starts at around A$4,600. At Cheetah Imports our price is an all in price with NO HIDDEN FEES, we even include quarantine fees, so if your car fails its inspection and requires to be cleaned not only will it be a car enthusiast cleaning your car but it won’t cost you to do it.  Be sure to contact us for more information.

Things that effect costs:

The Vehicle
If the car is a running vehicle it will cost less to ship than one that’s not. Size is another factor, a motorbike will cost a lot less to ship than an cadilac.

As with most forms of shipping, the faster you want something, the more it will costs.  You want it in 2 weeks? Sure we can do that but the cost will increase dramatically for air transport verses sea freight. You want your car to travel by its self in a container we can do that to but again it will cost more.

Some ares are easier to get to then others, with things like toll roads some places cost more to get to.


The only additional costs are tax on the value of the vehicle and shipping. Cars valued at over AU $57,180 are required to pay the Luxury car tax (LCT). More information on the LCT can be found at the here.


The importation of asbestos into Australia is prohibited. An Australia-wide ban on the manufacture and use of all types of asbestos and Asbestos Containing Material (ACM) took effect on 31 December 2003. Work Health and Safety (WHS) laws in all states and territories prohibit the supply, transport, use, or handling of asbestos unless an exception or exemption applies. Where your vehicle is deemed a risk of containing asbestos, the Australian Border Force will require assurances that high-risk parts or components do not contain asbestos. If adequate assurance is not provided, you will face delays and be responsible for costs incurred when the vehicle is held at the border for the purposes of sampling and testing. More information can be found on the Department of Home Affairs asbestos webpage.

As with any major expense, it is wise to ask for quotes from more than one party so that you have a base in which to compare services, convenience and of course price. When doing this ensure that you are able to compare apples to apples. Often times ‘shipping’ is a loose term and if not investigated carefully you could end up being charged hidden fees when the car arrives.

Be sure to research your quotes thoroughly. Some of the things you should be looking for to ensure that the quote is thorough are:

Quarentine fees, Sea Freight, CAF/BAF, Customs Declaration fees, Chassis usage Charge, Carrier Security Fee, Maritime Security, Port Service Charge, Origin THC, Destination THC, Shipping Line Document Fee, Bill of Lading Fee, Export Entry, CMR Fee, PRA Fee, Cartage, Cartage Fuel Levy, Document Air Courier, Slot Fee, Agency Fee, packing and unpacking, internal transport in the country of origin and destination, broker fees and in some cases Customs Fees/Duties.