Q – How does it work?
A –

  • Once payment is confirmed we will arrange to collect the vehicle.
  • Vehicle will be transported to our packing facilities and be cleaned and prepared for shipping in the next container.
  • we will apply for the permits necessary for importing your vehicle.
  • We will arrange for the container to clear Customs and be inspected. Depending on the country your vehicle is landing in some or all of the charges will be covered under the “shipping” cost. You will be informed as to what is covered and what is not up front.
  • After the vehicle is cleared and unpacked we will contact you so you can organise to collect your vehicle from our facilities.


Q – How long does it take to get my vehicle?
A – Once you have wired your payment you should expect to see your vehicle in 6 – 12 weeks. If you require faster shipping it can be arranged. Please contact us to find out all your options.

Q – What are the associated costs involved in purchasing a vehicle?
A – The associated costs are outlined on our fees page.

Q – What if something happens to my car?
A – We have an extremely good packing/shipping record however for your protection optional Marine insurance is offered for loss and damage to vehicles.

Q – Can you do the registration and compliance for the buyer of my car?
A – It is the buyer’s responsibility to research the laws for registration and compliance of their vehicle. Each state has its own laws. However we can help point you in the right direction.

We get the car safely to Australia – the rest is up to you.

Q – What else can you ship?
A – when shipping with Cheetah imports you are not just limited to cars and motor bikes. when we say you want it we’ll get it we mean it. over the years we have shipped cars, bikes, boats, machines, helicopters, planes, race cars and box freight. If your unsure give us a call.

Q – Do you only ship between Australia and America?
A – The Australian and American markets are our largest however we ship all around the world including New Zealand, China, Panama and England.

Q – Can you source cars and parts?
A – Yes we can help you find what your looking for but please remember if you have trouble finding it it may take us some time to.